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Buyer & Seller Enrollment

HRC facilitates the trading of halons by maintaining lists of sellers who have enrolled with HRC desiring to sell or donate halon to buyers who have enrolled with HRC and by making the lists of Enrolled Sellers available to Enrolled Buyers and lists of Enrolled Buyers available to Enrolled Sellers.

Buyers may seek to enroll as either Registered Buyers or Certified Buyers. Registered Buyers are those that self-certify that their use of recycled halon is critical according to the HRC Critical Use Criteria. HRC has established a Critical Halon Use Committee (CHUC) to provide an independent review of applications for Certified Buyer status.

Enrollment fees of $100-500 will be waived upon request, except where Certified Buyer status is desired.

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Small Quantity Information Exchange

If you are looking to sell or buy less than 5,000 pounds of halon on a one-time basis, HRC provides a small quantity information exchange. Just call 1-800-258-1283 and we will send your information to all of our recycler members at no charge to you.

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