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The HALON RECYCLING CORPORATION (HRC) was formed by concerned halon users and the fire protection industry to support the goals of the Montreal Protocol. HRC acts as a facilitating organization for the recycling of halons and is the main liaison for the fire protection industry with the US government on halon-related issues. 


Despite the phase-out of production, halons continue to be needed in a number of important applications including commercial aviation, oil and gas, and military.  It is critical that the world’s existing halon resources continue to be carefully managed.  




Guidance for Reducing Emissions and Contamination of Halon 1301 in Civil Aviation. 


EPA Regulations & Training Guidelines

Information on EPA rules covering the sale of halon blends and the handling and disposal of halon and halon-containing equipment (63 FR 11084). 

Code of Practice for Halon Reclaimers

The Halon Recycling Corp.(HRC) has developed a voluntary code of practice outlining responsible handling procedures for companies that reclaim used halons.

Buyer & Seller Enrollment

HRC facilitates the trading of halons by maintaining lists of sellers who have enrolled with HRC desiring to sell or donate halon to buyers who have enrolled with HRC.

Safe Decommissioning of Halon Systems

A safety guide to assist in decommissioning halon cylinders with the identification and safe handling procedures for the most readily available cylinders. 


HRC provides accurate, up-to-date information to members on all issues related to halon recycling.


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The Ozone Layer & Halons

Background information on the ozone depletion issue and how it relates to the production and use of halon fire fighting agents presented in a lighthearted way with cartoons.

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