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Safe Decommissioning 

of Halon Systems

A safety guide was prepared to assist personnel involved in decommissioning halon cylinders with the identification and safe handling procedures for the most readily available cylinders. Because proper procedures are essential to the safe decommissioning of halon systems and cylinders, the goals of this document are to address the potential risks associated with decommissioning, to describe the halon system configurations that might be encountered in the field or reclamation facilities, and to provide safe decommissioning guidelines. General guidelines for safe halon decommissioning are provided as well as specific procedures for properly handling and operating the major halon system valve configurations. Recommendations for consideration by governments, halon system owners, halon bank operators, halon recyclers, and halon service professionals are also provided.

This document is intended as a tool to assist trained, qualified technicians and as a training or general reference document. It is not intended for use as a manual for untrained, unqualified individuals to attempt to decommission or otherwise handle fire suppression system cylinders or equipment.

The Safety Guide for Decommissioning Halon Systems is available for download as a series of pdf files. We recommend that you download the introduction section first and then decide what other parts of the document you need. All of the documents are in pdf format.

Click below to download:

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